Monday, 23 February 2009


The intention of this blog is just to serve as a space to record and discuss all those interesting things that sort of sit inbetween; not easily identifiable as either in the past, but not yet well enough defined to be understood as the future. Of course it's not just about tenses, there's lots of stuff that occupies the world inbetween. There's the in between of good and evil, art and science, rational and emotional, heritage and progress, truth and lies, inside and outside, the physical and the virtual, the right and the left....... Strikes me that we're in an era where things are really not as easily identifiable or as open to clear definition as they used to be. Obvious, maybe. But where does that leave us in trying to understand the world around us, when almost by the time we've understood it, it has morphed again.  Anyway, let's just see where it leads. 

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