Monday, 23 February 2009

Heroes & Superheroes

Here's the original then. From Marvel Comics. Essentially The In-Betweener represents the dualities of concepts like good and evil. He was and is an agent of Lord Chaos and Master Order, and his job was to keep the Cosmos in balance. But of all his powers, attributes, weapons and paraphenalia, it's the fact that he has one black eye and one white eye that's most fascinating. 

And that's mostly because he reminds me of my other hero. The thin white duke, the diamond dog, the aladin sane...Bowie. Who's more representative of the inbetweeness of things, than the creator of so many utterly original and innovative art, music, personas, commercial practices and even communites.  Not long ago he received a lifetime acheivement award for services to technology through his innovation around bowienet, which quickly led to what was then a hugely innovative concept on the web, allowing artists to showcase their galleries of work, that of bowieart. But even more than this, John Harris in the Guardian recently asked: Is David Bowie responsible for the recession? Joking aside, it takes something for a creative genius to also be commercially astute, and to be as innovative in one area as they are in the other. He challenged and changed our perceptions of what was real, what was art and performance, and most importantly what was acceptable, and therefore shaped the future of so much of today's culture. That's the magic of being an inbetweener. 

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