Monday, 23 February 2009

Rubin's Cubes

This afternoon I went to the Olivia Rubin show at London's Fashion Week. Already making a name for herself, Rubin recently dressed our doe-eyed pop princess Cheryl Cole in the little zebra number. The show was fascinating, reminded me of making TV ads...all the time and resources, dedication, envisioning, preparation, planning, styling that goes on months beforehand, and then it's all over in about 15 minutes. So it better be a magical few minutes.

And this one was. The models slinked down the catwalk like little glow worms, their luminous skin matching the pearly palette of their beautiful outfits. Another inbetweener, Rubin's look is caught between the graphical nature of the art deco of the past and the wearable, flightiness of the future. And top styling by the lovely Grace Woodward. 

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