Thursday, 2 April 2009

We heart Tony Hart

Howies T-shirt selling at Tate online

I so covet this fabulous t-shirt. When I was a kid I would watch religiously Tony Hart's shows, Take Hart and Hart Beat. Every episode was an inspiration, and the music that accompanied the Gallery will be with me forever...I would sit in anticipation wondering whether anything I had sent in would ever be featured. How many children were sitting at home in their living rooms, glued to the TV, wondering the very same thing. Tony Hart was an inspiration to a whole generation of kids. Not because he taught them art but because he encouraged them to use their imaginations, see things in new ways, and then bring that to life originally yet from the most very basic of materials. What a legend. What a teacher. What a t-shirt. 


  1. He failed at teaching me to draw - but look at this:

    He'd have been proud, i'm sure.

  2. Well he's a legend, not a miracle worker ;)

    Yes, there are loads of FB groups for him too.

    I think we should start the annual Tony Hart appreciation day, where we recreate the Gallery and do something interesting online. Leave it with me.....

  3. Yes, I agree wonderful man! He didn't teach me to draw but taught me to splash about with painting and then call it "art"!....The voice, his approach I wanted him to be my grandad! :-)